Giving Our Gifts

We all have gifts, and gifts are meant to be given, right? 
Have you identified what your gift is,
your unique way of being in the world? 
Let me help you uncover it, solidify it, and bring it into full expression!

 My gift is 'holding the space' for you to uncover your truth of who you are and what is the next expression of your uniqueness.

If you are feeling called to make a drastic change, or to step into doing something that you just "know" you should be doing, but lack the total faith to do it -- please talk to me.  With your sincere desire to hear your inner messages, I can help you come to clarity and certainty.

And then you will have stronger awareness of your gift, and will be able to offer it to
the rest of us.

I gladly offer my gifts and guidance to you.  Commonly, there's an energy exchange in the form of you giving a gift back, which is sometimes monetary and sometimes in the form of a useful item, service or referring others to me.  Sometimes, though, the best return gift is to pay something forward to someone else.  In this model, the gifts I give are given without expectation of a return; I have faith that I will be taken care of by the collective and the universe, and that if we all keep the stream of giving flowing, we will ALL be taken care of. 

As I see it, the Gift Economy model allows us to knit together a new paradigm of seeing and being with others, creating an ever-expanding field of gifting to others, until this gifting modality becomes the predominant way we all interact.  The focus then becomes not on "how can I make money," but "who can I give my gift to next, and next, and next..." a continuous search for how to give of oneself, having the faith that all needs and wants will be satisfied.

No other word sums this up quite as well as "Namaste"  -- the Divine in me sees and honors the Divine in you.  So, "Namaste!"

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